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0001065FreeCADMerge requestpublic2013-03-25 13:33
Reporterjmaustpc Assigned Toyorik  
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Target VersiontrunkFixed in Version0.14 
Summary0001065: Tree icons for Part Ruled surface, Part Export and some other fixes
DescriptionHi Yorik
If its OK with you, could you please commit this to master?

Here is a summary of the changes
1) created and displayed an icon for Part_Export, same style as the existing Part_Import icon.
2) display the tree icon for Part_RuledSurface, I set it so that it shows the children shapes in the tree but does not auto-hide them. This makes Part_RuledSurface's behaviour consistent with Part_Mirror and different to for example Part_fuse. I made the code to auto hide the wrote a brief description and commented the code and description out, so that others can easy change this if they want to. Basically If you create a couple of lines then created the ruled surface, you could possibly expect it to auto-hide the Lines, however this is a real pain if you are selecting a sub-shape line off a shape (e.g. a box) as it would auto-hide the box. If you are making a shell from a series of ruled surfaces, using the edge of one as one of the edges of the next, you also do not want auto-hiding of the children shapes.
3) I change the auto name on creation, from "Filled_shape" to "Ruled_Surface"
4) switched over Part_Mirror's icon from the existing PNG icon to the existing SVG icon
5) flipped the direction of the import/export arrows to Werner's preference.

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2013-03-25 13:33

administrator   ~0003005

Looks ok to me! Committed with 3c9dbde

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