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0001189FreeCADFeaturepublic2013-07-24 12:23
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.13 
Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0001189: Re-assign hot keys 0 thru 6 to line up with the icon placement.
DescriptionIt would be intuitive if the numbers 0-6 would trigger the icons from left to right in order, instead of how they are now, out of order. 0,1,3,2,4,6,5
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2013-07-24 09:26

developer   ~0003425

you are suggesting (Front (1:xz-y), Right(2:yz-x), Top (3:xyz), Rear (4:-xzy), Left (5:-yz-x), Bottom (6:x-y-z))
(right,up,towards viewer)
IMHO this is not a huge improvement compared to the current definition.
So, we could as well, just rearrange the icons in toolbar and menu.


2013-07-24 09:59

reporter   ~0003426

shoogen, yes, that would work as well. I know how confusing such little things can be for the beginners when they don't know much at all about a new application.


2013-07-24 12:23

administrator   ~0003429

git show 0302283

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