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0001257FreeCADBugpublic2014-03-02 12:13
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Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0001257: Crash on fuse() of two simple extrusions
DescriptionThe attached test script reliably crashes FreeCAD. It seems to be related to the fact that the two shapes touch; if I move them apart, things work properly.
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2013-09-26 14:21 (Attachment missing)


2013-09-26 18:38

administrator   ~0003681

The above script works for me. No crash!

Two notes:
If you plan to only translate or rotate a shape then never use transformGeometry() because it changes the underlying geometry -- usually to B-spline curves/surfaces. Use tramsformShape() instead

It's a known problem (of the CAD kernel) that boolean operations often fail if faces only touch.


2013-09-26 19:37

reporter   ~0003683

I wonder if the fact I use transformGeometry is why my fuse operations are so slow.

I tried transformShape, but for particular object I tried it on that produced an empty shape. What types of shapes will transformShape accept? It didn't seem to like wires.

FWIW, my platform is a Mac, 10.8.4, 64 bit.


2013-09-26 22:58

reporter   ~0003686

Never mind, I see why I had trouble with transformShape. Inconsistent API: transformGeometry leaves "self" alone and returns a new object which is the transformed one, while transformShape changes the "self" object and returns None.

The __doc__ strings are not at all clear about this.

And yes, I tried that and it works, and my design builds a whole lot faster now. Thanks very much.


2014-03-02 12:13

administrator   ~0004352

git show 5f7ed33 clarifies the API

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