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0001272FreeCADBugpublic2021-02-06 06:32
Reporterpkoning Assigned Towandererfan  
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Summary0001272: BezierCurve is not documented and not intuitive
DescriptionI'm trying to use Part.BezierCurve. There is no meaningful documentation, and the Python help isn't very helpful either. I fed it a list of vectors, thinking those would be the nodes. It was accepted (no error message) but it didn't have that effect.
I then did some setPole and insertPole operations. Those work. But the indexing is wrong for Python, it needs to count from zero, not one.
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related to 0001355 closedyorik Draft Cubic Bezier Curve Tool For Draft Workbench 



2013-10-15 15:35

manager   ~0003748

OCC class Geom_BezierCurve expects poles to be numbered 1 to numberofpoles. Making it Pythonic would mean a lot of little changes to C++ and macro code.

Does this help at all?

def makeBCurve(Points):
    '''makeBCurve(Points): Make a Part.BezierCurve Geo obj from these
    (FreeCAD.Vector) Points'''
    c = Part.BezierCurve()


2013-10-15 15:54

manager   ~0003749

Added an entry to "Topological data scripting"


2013-10-15 17:36

reporter   ~0003750

It would be preferable to hide the incorrect design decisions of OCC from the Python programmer. But that little wrapper certainly helps. Thanks.


2013-10-28 12:29

administrator   ~0003824

> Those work. But the indexing is wrong for Python, it needs to count from zero, not one.
Even worse than a bad design decision is to change the semantic of the API because this breaks all existing code out there.


2014-02-05 15:28

manager   ~0004152

should be linked to:
0001355: Cubic Bezier Curve Tool For Draft Workbench


2014-11-13 00:54

manager   ~0005309

Documentation updated:

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