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0001388FreeCADBugpublic2014-02-17 15:30
Reportershoogen Assigned Towmayer  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Versiontrunk 
Target Version0.14Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0001388: SIGSEGV in Part::GeometryCurvePy::toBSpline
DescriptionPart::GeometryCurvePy::toBSpline does not check if the operation was successful before using the handle. In case of an invalid curve Parameter supllied this leads to a SIGSEGV
Steps To Reproduceimport Part
Additional Information#0 0x00007fff88f26cc5 in Part::GeomBSplineCurve::GeomBSplineCurve (this=0x4cc8ba0, b=...) at free-cad/src/Mod/Part/App/Geometry.cpp:388
#1 0x00007fff88e685d6 in Part::GeometryCurvePy::toBSpline (this=0x4cf86a0, args=0x4128fd0) at free-cad/src/Mod/Part/App/GeometryCurvePyImp.cpp:359
0000002 0x00007fff88e651e8 in Part::GeometryCurvePy::staticCallback_toBSpline (self=0x4cf86a8, args=0x4128fd0) at fc-build/src/Mod/Part/App/GeometryCurvePy.cpp:774
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2014-02-17 15:20

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