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0000151FreeCADFeaturepublic2011-03-29 19:49
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Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000151: support 3DFACES in dxf import & export
DescriptionDXF format, althought it is "open", is very closed inrelation with 3D. There are basically 2 possible types of 3D data in a dxf file: 3DFACE entities, which are simple triangles, and ACIS data, which comes as one big block of binary code inside the file. ACIS format is proprietary and undocumented, so its a no-go for us... But it supports solids and all the stuff.

Supporting 3DFACE entities is actually not too useful, but it will at least allow to export something.
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parent of 0000308 closedyorik Exported dxf totally broken when re-importing 



2011-03-29 19:49

administrator   ~0000755

added in r4330. 3DFACE entities, 3D polyline meshes and 3D polyface meshes (both special kinds of polylines) are imported respectively as Part faces and meshes.
I also added an option in the Draft preferences to allow exporting 3D objects as polyfaces, therefore allowing for more or less decent dxf 3d export.

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