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0001724FreeCADBugpublic2016-10-21 14:47
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Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0001724: PartDesign Pad should not allow multiple solids for the base feature
DescriptionThe PartDesign workbench does not support multi-bodies parts, but the Pad feature allows creation of a base feature consisting of a compound made of more than one solid. (By base feature, I mean the first PartDesign feature which creates a part)

This creates confusion for the end user, since when a new sketch is mapped on the Pad, and this sketch is either padded or pocketed, a single solid will remain and the others will disappear.

What should be implemented into the Pad feature:
1. Check if there is a single solid created;
2. If not, launch a dialog window telling the user something like "Multiple bodies are not supported for the base feature. Only the first closed profile in the sketch will be used and the others will be discarded".
3. After the user clicks OK, discard any but the first solid created (usually from the first profile drawn in the sketch)

FYI, except for step 2 this is how the Pad used to work prior to some changes on the PartDesign transformation tools made just before release of 0.13.1828/1830.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open provided file "PartDesign_Pad_Multiple_Bodies.fcstd"
2. Select Sketch001 then click on either Pad or Pocket
3. The cylinder disappears.

The circle in Sketch should not have been padded in the first place, as it was the second closed profile drawn.
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2014-08-31 21:15


PartDesign_Pad_Multiple_Bodies.fcstd (Attachment missing)


2016-10-21 14:47

administrator   ~0007410

This is fixed with 0.17

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