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0000180FreeCADFeaturepublic2010-12-04 14:37
Reporteryorik Assigned Toyorik  
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Fixed in Version0.11 
Summary0000180: Allow dxf export of a Drawing sheet
DescriptionIt is probably fairly easy to convert a svg document to dxf with external converters, but it would be cool to be able to export directly a "ready-to-autocad" 2D file from the drawing module...

I'll see if I find some easy/automatic way to convert svg data to dxf, (maybe inkscape in command-line mode?) otherwise I'll build some pipe through the draft module's dxf export function.
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2010-10-23 12:43

administrator   ~0000386

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I found that Inkscape is pretty easy to use from command line to convert from svg to dxf:

inkscape test.svg
/usr/share/inkscape/extensions/ > test.dxf

The ps2dxf program is the standard built-in way of exporting dxf from inkscape. It has several limitations and problems, specifically with texts. A lot of inkscape users are dissatisfied with it and there are many alternative and home-made scripts around. I still need to test some... For ex:


2010-12-04 14:37

administrator   ~0000445

That feature is now implemented fully inside the draft module (inkscape is not used anymore) and working (more or less, there are still soem issues in the svg->freecad->dxf translation process). I'll refine it over time when bug appear.

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