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0001854FreeCADBugpublic2015-12-18 22:42
Reporterjmaustpc Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWindows and LinuxOSKubuntu OS Version14.04
Product Version0.15 
Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0001854: Draft Clone of Sketch, selection of sketch mistakenly produces a Pad on the Draft Clone
DescriptionIf a Draft Clone is made of a Sketch, and the Sketch is then selected, when a PartDesign Pad is applied the Pad is created on the Draft Clone rather than the Sketch.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a Sketch
Create a Draft Clone of that Sketch
Select Sketch in treeview
In PartDesign WB click Pad
Pad is produced from the Clone even though Sketch had been selected

Also, if Sketch is selected again and a second Pad is attempted, an error message pops up...."Please create a sketch or 2D object first"

Additional InformationThe file attached contains a simple Sketch and a Draft Clone of it. If you go to the PartDesign workbench, select Sketch and apply a Pad, the Pad will appear on the Draft Clone.
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2014-12-09 15:16


sketchclonewrongselectionbugexample.fcstd (Attachment missing)


2014-12-09 19:43

administrator   ~0005364

Hmm the problem is that inside the Pad command, there is a "validateSketch" function that runs, and declares the sketch ineligible when it is already used by another feature, which is the case when you make a clone of it.

Modifying that function to except the case when it is a Draft clone is IMHO a bad idea, because it would make the PartDesign module depend on the Draft module. And modify the Draft clone to loose its relationship with the sketch is of course contrary to the very idea.

So actually I have no clear idea of how to solve this, except from outputting a warning message that would help the user to identify the cause of the problem...


2014-12-13 19:20

developer   ~0005380

I have a clear idea that it should be simply allowed to pad (and otherwise reference) a sketch multiple times. It is so with most (all?) other objects. Outputting a warning like "referencing a sketch more than once" sounds good to me.


2014-12-29 20:46

administrator   ~0005469

I'm not sure about this, I'd prefer to leave this decision to someone who is more responsible than me for the PartDesign WB...


2015-01-24 12:27

administrator   ~0005701

IMO we shouldn't undermine the linear workflow in Part design because otherwise we may get a big mess when allowing to use a sketch for more than one operation.

Since the Clone function doesn't link the sketch for modelling purposes we could implement a special property link type (a new class or a special mode in PropertyLink) that technically links an object (in order to keep the recompute working) but semantically doesn't do so.

So, the validateSketch then could search for objects linking by purpose and filter out objects like the Clone feature.


2015-12-18 22:16

developer   ~0006615

BTW, the issue was fixed! please close.


2015-12-18 22:42

administrator   ~0006616


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