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0000191FreeCADPatchpublic2011-02-24 09:19
Reportersilasdb Assigned Towmayer  
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Target Version0.11Fixed in Version0.11 
Summary0000191: Make preprocessor check for BSD
DescriptionThe attached patch is the first of a series of patches I want to send you, in order to make FreeCAD compile under NetBSD. This first one is very simple... it just creates a FC_OS_BSD macro and defined(FC_OS_BSD) was appended whenever defined(FC_OS_LINUX) appeared.

So, I'd like to ask you if it is possible that we get used to append defined(FC_OS_BSD) for every new defined(FC_OS_LINUX), since the API of both systems is very similar.

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2010-10-31 23:24


bsd-check.diff (Attachment missing)


2010-11-01 17:23

administrator   ~0000398

First patch applied in rev 3686


2011-02-24 09:19

administrator   ~0000639

First patch was applied. Now close due to inactivity.

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