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0002065FreeCADMerge requestpublic2015-12-15 13:18
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Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0002065: DXF Drawing Templates
DescriptionAfter this gets merged this two reports can be closed:

- Branded Drawing Templates
- DXF Drawing Templates
- DXF comment support

All the changes needed are included in this report to reduce duplicate work and confusion (merge and

Quick tutorial:

Adding dimensions:

- Open exported file in LibreCAD.
- Start adding dimensions as correct layer for adding dimensions is pre-selected.


- Set PAPERSIZE layer to non printable.
- Press Print Preview button.
- Set Print Scale 1:1 and lock it (fixed).
- Press Center to page.

Drawing is ready to be printed.


I could not pre-set dimension lineweight AND dimension text lineweight as desired and therefore in for example A4 page size text lineweight should be 0.25 but now is 0.18. This is something the users has to do if desired as it can't be pre-set ATM for LibreCAD.

If any pre-selected value would need changing i am willing to do it in the future.

All DXF drawing templates are saved in DXF R2000 format and have \n for newline.

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parent of 0002005 closedyorik Drawing Branded Drawing Templates 
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2015-04-21 15:58

developer (Attachment missing)


2015-04-21 15:58

developer (Attachment missing)


2015-04-21 20:05

administrator   ~0006071

There are templates with same name in your zip file (one with a4 one with A4). Please check which one is the right one


2015-04-21 20:56

developer   ~0006072

Yes, when i did Branded Drawing Templates set i did "all new" A4_Landscape_ISO7200.svg drawing template and renamed current one to a4_Landscape_ISO7200.svg.

About a4_Landscape_ISO7200.svg:

- It won't show in drop down menu
- Should stay for future reference

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FreeCAD: master bf324049

2015-04-23 00:01:55


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mod - src/Mod/Drawing/Templates/A4_Landscape_ISO7200.svg Diff File
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