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0002104DraftBugpublic2015-12-15 13:15
Reporterbejant Assigned Toyorik  
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Product Version0.15 
Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0002104: Draft WB Grid Shifts To Center Of Mass When Fixed To Plane
DescriptionThe Draft WB grid shifts to center of mass not only when set to Auto but when fixed to a plane.

This ticket was filed per Yorik's request.
Steps To ReproduceThe discussion is here:
and a file is in the post just before that one.
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2015-05-16 03:10

administrator   ~0006142

Thanks bejant!


2015-05-26 08:43

reporter   ~0006161

I looked into this a little deeper. When the object is selected alignToFace in calls
self.alignToPointAndAxis(shape.Faces[0].CenterOfMass, shape.Faces[0].normalAt(0,0), offset)
which centers the working plane on the object. That makes sense. The problem is in where gridTracker then uses the plane position to draw the grid without snapping the position. Changing this fixes the display of the grid, I haven't found the similar code for grid snapping (instead of display).

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Draft: Fixed grid jump in edimode - fixes 0002104 Affected Issues
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