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0002202FreeCADBugpublic2016-02-29 09:39
Reporterhamish2014 Assigned Towmayer  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform64 bitOSubuntuOS Version14.04.1
Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0002202: Crash when selecting an item in Model Tree

freecad: /build/freecad-DbhPXM/freecad-0.16+bzr3899+201507292053~ubuntu14.04.1/src/App/Enumeration.cpp:260: std::vector<std::basic_string<char> > App::Enumeration::getEnumVector() const: Assertion `_EnumArray' failed.
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2015-07-30 09:36


vid1.ogv (Attachment missing)


2015-08-05 02:26

administrator   ~0006272

Can you try to isolate somehow in your python code where this happens? It is hard to know what happens just by looking at the video...


2015-08-05 07:23

reporter   ~0006278

Hi Yorik,

To my knowledge the crash does not happen in my Python Code.
The crash happens when I select (left-click on) a constraint object (App::PythonFeature) in Gui tree.

Maybe the Assembly2 workbenchs code for the context menu code, (i.e. for generating the pop-up menu)

    def ContextMenu(self, recipient):
        selection = [s for s in FreeCADGui.Selection.getSelection() if s.Document == FreeCAD.ActiveDocument ]
        if len(selection) == 1:
            obj = selection[0]
            if hasattr(obj,'Content'):
                if 'ConstraintInfo' in obj.Content:
                    redefineCmd = {
                        'axial': 'redefineAxialConstraint',
                        'circularEdge' : 'redefineCircularEdgeConstraint',
                        'sphericalSurface' : 'redefineSphericalSurfaceConstraint'
                        }[ obj.Type ]
                    self.appendContextMenu( "Assembly2", [redefineCmd,'selectConstraintObjects'])
                if 'sourceFile' in obj.Content:
                    self.appendContextMenu( "Assembly2",
But this should only happen when a user right-clicks, not left-clicks.

Another reason I suspect that this error is not related to the assembly 2 workbench is that the crash occur depending on the FreeCAD daily build via the Ubuntu PPA.
i.e. when i reported this bug, my FreeCAD build was crashing all the time when select an item in the gui tree.
Now with a more recent daily build the crashes have stopped (while the assembly2 code has remained exactly the same).
Stopped at least for the moment.

These crashes do not only happened to me see

I was hoping the crash output would help:
freecad: /build/freecad-DbhPXM/freecad-0.16+bzr3899+201507292053~ubuntu14.04.1/src/App/Enumeration.cpp:260: std::vector<std::basic_string<char> > App::Enumeration::getEnumVector() const: Assertion `_EnumArray' failed.

Anyway, I suppose since the crashes have stopped at the moment, you may close the issue.


2015-08-05 14:21

administrator   ~0006280

Yes, the problem is certainly in the FreeCAD core code, not in your module, but it doesn't happen with other python features (Draft objects for example), only yours. So there must be something specific in your code, that touches something sensitive inside FreeCAD. It would be useful to find out what that is...

I would say it must happen in the view provider of that python feature...


2015-08-06 09:18

reporter   ~0006281

Thanks for your response Yorik, my apologies if I came across short in the previous message.

Here is the code related to the Python Feature objects which when clicked upon cause the crash

c = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject("App::FeaturePython", cName)
c.addProperty("App::PropertyString","Type","ConstraintInfo","Object 1").Type = 'axial'
c.addProperty("App::PropertyEnumeration","directionConstraint", "ConstraintInfo")
c.directionConstraint = ["none","aligned","opposed"]
for prop in ["Object1","Object2","SubElement1","SubElement2"]:
    c.setEditorMode(prop, 1)
c.Proxy = ConstraintObjectProxy()

class ConstraintObjectProxy:
    def execute(self, obj):
    def callSolveConstraints(self):
        from assembly2solver import solveConstraints
        solveConstraints( FreeCAD.ActiveDocument )

No viewprovider is specified for the "App::FeaturePython".

Given the error message
freecad: /build/freecad-DbhPXM/freecad-0.16+bzr3899+201507292053~ubuntu14.04.1/src/App/Enumeration.cpp:260: std::vector<std::basic_string<char> > App::Enumeration::getEnumVector() const: Assertion `_EnumArray' failed.

Could the problem originate from the "App::PropertyEnumeration"? i.e. from

c.addProperty("App::PropertyEnumeration","directionConstraint", "ConstraintInfo")
c.directionConstraint = ["none","aligned","opposed"]

Your thoughts?


2015-08-06 13:38

administrator   ~0006282

Hmm this is not a very common way to do it (you would normally have all the property definitions inside the class definition), but I don't think it's a problem...

If you don't use a custom view provider, did you set its proxy to 0? like this:
myObj.ViewObject.Proxy = 0


2015-08-07 09:40

reporter   ~0006283

Thanks, i will add
c.ViewObject.Proxy = 0
to my code.

The crash originates from the App::PropertyEnumeration.
To force the crash on my side I need to simply

1) Open FreeCAD
2) Open a new document
3) In the Python Console:
>>> myFeature = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject("App::FeaturePython", "myFeature")
>>> myFeature.addProperty("App::PropertyEnumeration","Enum1")
4) click on myFeature in the GuiTree.

which cause FreeCAD to crash with the following error (the one reported in the bug description)
freecad: /build/freecad-gdB0BM/freecad-0.16+bzr3903+201507302201~ubuntu14.04.1/src/App/Enumeration.cpp:260: std::vector<std::basic_string<char> > App::Enumeration::getEnumVector() const: Assertion `_EnumArray' failed.

My version of FreeCAD is
>>> FreeCAD.Version()
['0', '16', '5312 (Git)', 'git:// master', '2015/07/30 21:22:44', 'master', '059bbdc4967316df6c27209b153c7773cebe7819']

If choices are added (myFeature.Enum1 =['1','2','3']) no crash occurs.

The confusing thing here is that when I create my PythonFeature Object, I do specify choices.
c.directionConstraint = ["none","aligned","opposed"]

Perhaps the problem originates, when i later remove choices for specific case:
constraintValue = "aligned" if dotProduct( a,b ) > 0 else "opposed"
self.constraintObj.directionConstraint = ["aligned","opposed"]
self.constraintObj.directionConstraint = constraintValue

Your thoughts?


2015-08-08 14:30

reporter   ~0006284

I can confirm this issue:

It is quite annoying. I have to save my work after every edit to not lose data.

I think it started to crash moreless after this change:



2015-08-08 22:32

reporter   ~0006286

After a long and boring rendezvous with git bisect ;) here are the results:

git bisect start
# bad: [4f6a50ac271b74381a69f411983ba2758082573a] Fixed git link in readme
git bisect bad 4f6a50ac271b74381a69f411983ba2758082573a
# good: [67c4dcdf7028cba92f69d15b889d64d3271fed62] Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
git bisect good 67c4dcdf7028cba92f69d15b889d64d3271fed62
# bad: [0ea718177da0366d5358f0ce36e648cf1341a80f] + set utf-8 encoding when recording a macro
git bisect bad 0ea718177da0366d5358f0ce36e648cf1341a80f
# good: [f20519d35202b63a011573f130a03feb7d091de1] + new parameter 'CoinOffscreenRenderer' to use Coin's offscreen renderer
git bisect good f20519d35202b63a011573f130a03feb7d091de1
# good: [70318d78206f62f6593573e7b31f311a49ac9ac1] FEM: Disable Show result button if there are no results in analysis
git bisect good 70318d78206f62f6593573e7b31f311a49ac9ac1
# bad: [4f5534a87a7e2d224022ff98729a341bf57e7f9e] + fixes 0002116: FreeCAD crash when I click on treeview
git bisect bad 4f5534a87a7e2d224022ff98729a341bf57e7f9e
# good: [895510e08d0b607a5bd060998deb26e42c502701] Draft: small bugfix in Drawing view
git bisect good 895510e08d0b607a5bd060998deb26e42c502701
# good: [9766893be17116ae359f59860492b71c61afd533] FEM: Change FEM results selection to radio buttons
git bisect good 9766893be17116ae359f59860492b71c61afd533
# good: [5853eabc620c470a66fea85331808f6a707bd7d3] FEM: Always import FemGui
git bisect good 5853eabc620c470a66fea85331808f6a707bd7d3
# good: [3a7772d0f7fb1899b9f74a811e14255425cb6ba7] FEM: Save/restore result dialog settings
git bisect good 3a7772d0f7fb1899b9f74a811e14255425cb6ba7
# good: [54317becbfa7bdffd906b03f66bb66a95717447f] + fix writing STEP settings
git bisect good 54317becbfa7bdffd906b03f66bb66a95717447f
# first bad commit: [4f5534a87a7e2d224022ff98729a341bf57e7f9e] + fixes 0002116: FreeCAD crash when I click on treeview




2015-08-13 16:44

reporter   ~0006288

after working with the Assembly 2 workbench for dozen or so hours I can confirm that reverting changes from 4f5534a87a7e2d224022ff98729a341bf57e7f9e does solve this issue.

I have not encountered any crashes.


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