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0000226FreeCADBugpublic2012-06-11 07:12
Reporterpperisin Assigned Towmayer  
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Product Version0.11 
Target Version0.11Fixed in Version0.11 
Summary0000226: Minor Bug with Box and Sphere not drawn correctly

This is a minor bug. It works untill you redraw the view (I think). In order to reproduce it:
1. Open Freecad and create new document
2. Make box (from toolbar) but do not move the view (you should see bottom left corner of the cube)
3. Make sphere (from toolbar)

now you should see sphere over box. You can also see this if you zoom out with mouse (without rotating). After you rotate a bit, wiew refreshes and cube is drawn correctly over the sphere.

I hope I was clear

Petar Perisin
Additional InformationWin 7 32bit

Latest unstable build from web (0.11.3824) installed

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2011-01-16 22:40

reporter   ~0000534

In rev. 3915, when creating a cone with the default camera position (new file), it is displayed as if the small part was in front, but it is actually behind. As soon as the camera is moved, the cone is redrawn in the correct side. I guess it's the same bug than reported here.


2011-01-17 14:34

reporter   ~0000538

Ok, Further investigation revealed there is much more to this than it first seamed.

Try this: Create new document, sphere and box.

There is problem with all views - Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, Back - they all for some reason draw sphere above the box.

Now quite longshot guess:
I do not know where in the source code this is, but there has to be some parameter in which this sphere gets drawn after the cube.

Maybe this can be worked around with using rotation to simply set rotation to "front view" and leave it there (since rotation workes quite well, and setting top view - or any other view - does not)

Petar Perisin


2011-01-26 11:48

administrator   ~0000552

Seams the front and back cliping plane are to tight after insert a new shape...
Its a really small fraction. A slight rotation brings it on again.

Not sure we can do something...


2011-01-26 12:47

reporter   ~0000556

Last edited: 2011-01-26 13:04

The Bug disappears if you use view fit command

after it all is well

can you set to have this comand activated after creating new shape. It is a workaround, and it will fix the bug.

Petar Perisin


2011-01-26 20:46

reporter   ~0000559

Also, I do not like when I start FreeCAD and create a Box, that I see only bottom left part of it. This would solve it, as it would fit all objects after creation.

What do you think?


2011-01-26 21:12

reporter   ~0000560

This is actually done when using the Part -> Parametric -> Create primitives... menu and not when using the shortcut icons for cube or sphere creation. Maybe it could be a good thing to homegenize this behavior, since using the menu is required for shapes that don't have an icon (ellipsod, helix, plane).


2011-01-27 15:26

reporter   ~0000561


Also, one more command that might need fit is: View >> Create New View. The same thing appears here.


2011-02-28 12:11

administrator   ~0000665

OK, the point is that in all these cases the camera position lies inside the object and thus causes the strange rendering. So, the only proper solution is to do a fit-all at least for the first inserted object.


2011-02-28 12:32

administrator   ~0000666

Fixed in rev. 4161/4162


2012-06-11 06:28

reporter   ~0002171


I get the same issue on importing STEP file. This could be fixed by making view fit when STEP file is imported.



2012-06-11 07:12

administrator   ~0002172

git show 180691d

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