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0000228FreeCADBugpublic2011-09-06 10:40
Reporterpperisin Assigned ToJriegel 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.11 
Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000228: Another preselection highlight bug

There is a situation in which Part's face is highlighted with pre-selection color even when a mouse in not hovered over the part at all

1. Hover a mouse over an unselected Part so that one face gets pre-selection color
2. Rotate view with mouse (mid and left mouse button clicked) in a way that cursor gets out of the part (cursor is not over the part any more)
3. As soon as you release all mouse buttons (and cursor is not over the part) color of the face returns to be the color of the Part - GOOD
4. Do not move a mouse over the part - just press the middle mouse button and pan the view a little bit - you should see a face colored with pre-selection color, although mouse is not over the part at all - (BAD)
Additional InformationWin7 32 bit build 3839

This is not a bug with Pre-selection available in black-only.
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2011-01-03 08:44

reporter   ~0000481

Last edited: 2011-01-03 09:22


Just to add - this does not happen all the time. In order for this bug to appear you need to:

1. Select the part you will be testing in tree view (select)
2. Click once in workspace where part is shown (not over the part, but in empty space) to unselect it

After this make 4. steps in bug report



2011-01-15 15:56

administrator   ~0000517

I could reproduce it....
Will be hart to trace down...


2011-01-17 10:29

reporter   ~0000537

Last edited: 2011-01-17 14:01

Maybe it can be worked around. When you start rotating, all pre-selection is removed + pre-selection is disabled. Seems good to me.

(Although I do not know how the system works, so this might be hard to do after all)

Petar Perisin


2011-05-17 08:11

administrator   ~0000829

I will leave that error since I anyway plan to overhaul the whole preselection


2011-08-30 07:14

administrator   ~0001015

This bug must be related to the pre-selection/selection using the front-buffer in 32-bit. Since this technique doesn't work very well with 64-bit systems we do a repaint there. And on these systems this problem doesn't appear.

Also the new selection style doesn't use the front-buffer because due to the enormous reduction of Inventor nodes this isn't necessary anyway. There we don't have this problem either.


2011-09-06 10:40

administrator   ~0001045

Using new Inventor classes for CAD shapes with built-in highlighting & selection this bug is fixed. See r4875

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