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0002347FreeCADBugpublic2015-12-28 12:55
Reporterjwakely Assigned Towmayer  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.15 
Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0002347: freecad fails to build with Boost 1.60.0
DescriptionI have tried to build freecad with Boost 1.60.0 beta now available, and it fails due to the use of the boost::re_detail namespace in FeaturePage.cpp:

/builddir/build/BUILD/freecad-0.15.4671/src/Mod/Drawing/App/FeaturePage.cpp: In member function 'virtual App::DocumentObjectExecReturn* Drawing::FeaturePage::execute()':
/builddir/build/BUILD/freecad-0.15.4671/src/Mod/Drawing/App/FeaturePage.cpp:198:24: error: 'boost::re_detail' has not been declared
                 boost::re_detail::string_out_iterator<std::string > out(newfragment);

That namespace was renamed by this commit
Steps To ReproduceDownload the Boost 1.60.0 beta, install it, try to build freecad.
Additional InformationThat namespace looks like an implementation detail, not part of the public API, so probably shouldn't be used anyway.

It looks like std::back_inserter(newfragment) could be used instead of re_detail::string_out_iterator

A quick hack would be to change re_detail to BOOST_REGEX_DETAIL_NS and define that near the top of the file when it isn't already defined by the Boost.Regex headers:

#define BOOST_REGEX_DETAIL_NS re_detail

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