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0000242FreeCADBugpublic2011-01-15 21:01
ReporterJriegelAssigned Toyorik  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version0.11 
Summary0000242: fails with different languages in Wiki
DescriptionWen I try to build a new documentation fails at the first language page:

c:\temp>C:\_Projekte\FreeCADLibs_7.7_x86_VC9\bin\python.exe C:/_Projekte/FreeCAD
_trunk/src/Tools/ -c C:/_Projekte/FreeCADLibs_7.7_x86_VC9/bin/qhelp
generator.exe -g C:/_Projekte/FreeCADLibs_7.7_x86_VC9/bin/qcollectiongenerator.e
xe -o C:/_Projekte/FreeCAD_trunk_build/Doc -t c:/temp/testDoc
Using: C:/_Projekte/FreeCADLibs_7.7_x86_VC9/bin/qhelpgenerator.exe
Using output path: C:/_Projekte/FreeCAD_trunk_build/Doc
using tempfolder: c:/temp/testDoc
Qt Help Generator version 1.0 (Qt 4.5.2)
Qt Collection Generator version 1.0 (Qt 4.5.2)
crawling , saving in c:/temp/te
Fetching Flag-pl.jpg
Fetching Flag-fr.jpg
Fetching Flag-de.jpg
Fetching Flag-es.jpg
Fetching Flag-se.jpg
Fetching Flag-ru.jpg
Fetching Flag-jp.jpg
Fetching Flag-it.jpg
1 : Fetching Online_Help_Toc
2 : Fetching Online_Help_Toc/it
Fetching Flag-en.jpg
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:/_Projekte/FreeCAD_trunk/src/Tools/", line 613, in <modul
  File "C:/_Projekte/FreeCAD_trunk/src/Tools/", line 610, in main
  File "C:/_Projekte/FreeCAD_trunk/src/Tools/", line 193, in crawl
    pages = get(targetpage)
  File "C:/_Projekte/FreeCAD_trunk/src/Tools/", line 442, in get
  File "C:/_Projekte/FreeCAD_trunk/src/Tools/", line 565, in output

    file = open(filename,'wb')
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'c:/temp/testDoc\\Online_Help_Toc/
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2011-01-15 20:17

administrator   ~0000522

Hm I see... problem with the "/" character! I'll make a fix...


2011-01-15 21:01

administrator   ~0000523

Fixed in r3911.
All page names that contain the "/" characters are now changed to "-" on save.

I also added a GETTRANSLATIONS constant at the top of the script, that can be set to False. In that case, no page which contains a "/" character (that is, all translated pages) will be fetched, and the "available languages" section at the bottom of the pages won't be included. This way, it will be possible to create offline docs for a specific language only.

I have set GETTRANSLATIONS to True, because I'm not sure what's best...
In the future I can extend the script to make several packages, one for each language, but the problem is that almost all languages except english are incomplete... Could lead to complains :)

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