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0002631FreeCADBugpublic2016-10-20 07:55
ReporterJason C. Wells Assigned Towmayer  
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PlatformWindows 7 64 Bit 
Product Version0.16 
Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002631: Ctrl-W Doesn't Close Window
DescriptionPress the keyboard shortcut ctrl-w does not close the window. This is true for modified files and unmodified files. The menu pick works as expected.
Steps To ReproduceOpen any file. Press ctrl-w. Nothing happens.
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2016-07-22 14:48

administrator   ~0007209

Last edited: 2016-07-22 14:49

It looks like a focus problem. When creating a new document then Ctrl+W doesn't work. But when setting the focus e.g. to the output window or the Python console then Ctrl+W shows the expected behaviour.


2016-10-20 07:55

administrator   ~0007407

In the past CTRL+F4 was used to close a window but then QMdiSubWindow used the same shortcut and thus caused an ambiguity. Then CTRL+W was used instead but from a certain Qt version also this shortcut was used as an alternative and again caused an ambiguity.

To fix this issue again the shortcut of the CloseAction of the QMdiSubWindow must be reset. Btw, the command StdCmdCloseActiveWindow doesn't hard-code CTRL+W any more but uses QKeySequence::Close which sets the shortcut to the original version CTRL+F4 again.

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