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0000270DraftFeaturepublic2014-01-01 16:01
Reporterunauthenticated Assigned Toyorik  
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Target Version0.13Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000270: Make the Draft offset function working on b-splines
DescriptionMaking the offset function working for B-Spline would be nice.
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2011-02-17 21:14

viewer   ~0000617

Sure it would! I'll take this but might take a bit of time to do it.


2011-02-18 07:12

viewer   ~0000620

No problem take your time!


2011-10-17 17:43

administrator   ~0001174

Actually this is pretty hard to do, one needs to calculate perpendicular to bspline edges, and I have no idea about how to do it... I'll leave this for post-0.12 release...


2011-10-22 06:56

developer   ~0001183

this might be helpful:

we might eventually implement this into sketcher a long time in the future...

but to be honest they have offset in Inkscape but I never like offset tools because they are always produce unreliable results and usually requires manual intervention to correct nodes.


2011-10-22 12:14

administrator   ~0001186

Thanks for the link, interesting anyway. Actually OCC should be able to produce an offset too, I'll have a look...


2012-01-16 20:07

administrator   ~0001582

Finally implemented!

Was easier than I thought since the Part module can give you perpendicular and tangent points on a curve. But as Luke says it doesn't always give the desired result, since what is offsetted are the control points, and the curvature can change depending on the new distance between the control points.

But recalculating the correct curvature is honestly a bit beyond my skills at the moment... I think for now it is ok to leave it that way. Reopen if any issue appear.


2013-06-01 12:06

viewer   ~0003187

I did make a spline "C" shape and then close it with the c key. I want to offset it, but can't. (1830 git)

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