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0002744FreeCADFeaturepublic2016-10-22 17:45
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Summary0002744: FR: check box to export STEP w/without pcurves
Descriptionto obtaining a much smaller file size for STEP format when exporting Parts from FreeCAD it is useful to add a check box to the menu 'Preferences, Export, STEP' to opt to export with or without pcurves
This option, present i.e. in CAD Assistance from OCC, can reduce the STEP file size of about 2.5 times.
Steps To Reproduceplease have a loo at this thread:
Additional Informationas suggested by @triplus, it is possible to already test this feature
Go to Tools -> Edit parameters ... Preferences -> Mod -> Part -> General and add New integer item named WriteSurfaceCurveMode to it. You can use this two values after:

    0 writes STEP files without pcurves. This mode decreases the size of the resulting file.
    1 (default) writes pcurves to STEP file
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