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0000281FreeCADFeaturepublic2011-09-17 06:24
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Target Version0.12Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000281: Fix constraint
DescriptionAdd a constraint to the sketcher to fix a geometry to its position.
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2011-06-02 12:17

administrator   ~0000880

Logari has implemented two fix constraints for x and y seperate. Work
pretty well. But now the dragging of points has a problem. If dragged mostly
the sketch dont solve.

Dragging has to test different degrees of freedom. First try drag x,y and if
fail try x and y seperately. Starting with the widest distance.


2011-06-03 05:19

developer   ~0000881

I am working on this.


2011-06-04 12:10

administrator   ~0000882

Hi Logari,
how is it going? Working on the new Solver?

I have seen NaroCAD has also adopted the sketchsolve solver..


2011-09-06 01:09

reporter   ~0001041

Is there an ETA on being able to create constraints between a sketch and features on the face it was created on? E.g. the abiliity to create a pocket on a face and constrain its position w.r.t the face that it's created on.

From playing around with FreeCAD, this seems to be the biggist glaring hole. If support for this is added, I might actually be able to use freecad for a few things.


2011-09-06 06:26

developer   ~0001042

external constraints are in our todo list but with voluntary work there is never an ETA. Btw. you are quite off topic here, please use the phpbb forum to ask about the progress of any feature.


2011-09-06 06:41

viewer   ~0001043

Well, I *was* going to post a new bug report about not being able to do that until I saw this bug which I thought was somewhat similar. I suppose I will just make a new bug report in the future then.


2011-09-16 04:59

administrator   ~0001090

resolved with logaris xy constraint


2011-09-17 06:24

administrator   ~0001100

Set to closed.

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