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0000296FreeCADBugpublic2011-08-31 07:59
Reporterwmayer Assigned ToJriegel 
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Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000296: Untranslatable header of task watchers
DescriptionThe header e.g. Create Geometry is not translatable because the string is not marked so that Qt's lupdate tool can pick it up. The second point is the the plain char string is passed through the constructor of TaskWatcherCommands and then QString::fromUtf8(name) is called. So, the string will never go through the tr() method.

To fix this bug two changes are needed:
1. Replace the third argument of TaskWatcherCommands, the const char* with a const QString&
2. From where the header of the watchers are defined, do something like
   Watcher.push_back(new Gui::TaskView::TaskWatcherCommandsEmptyDoc(
        qApp->translate("Workbench", "Create Geometry"),
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2011-08-31 07:59

administrator   ~0001023

This is a solution without changing the API.TaskWatcherCommands uses trUtf8() instead of QString::fromUtf8() in its constructor. To make the text translatable lines must be added like:

#if 0
    qApp->translate("Gui::TaskView::TaskWatcherCommands", "Create Geometry");

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