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0003180PartBugpublic2018-01-14 15:07
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Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0003180: Wrong normal of part object
DescriptionSometimes the normals of a part are completely wrong which leads to strange rendering artefacts.

The problem already exists since v0.15. Version 0.14 was not affected.

Attached is a BRep model, the Inventor layout created by v0.14 and that of v0.17.
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2017-09-09 12:10


shading_issue_014.iv (9,577 bytes)
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2018-01-14 15:07

administrator   ~0010763

The issue most of the time appears when the shape has some defects. But then computing the vertex normals from the (u,v) nodes of the triangulation gives bad results and affects the rendering. An alternative is to compute the normals from the triangles of the tessellation which e.g. in this case gives the expected result -- that's how it was implemented in the past. This simplifies the visual inspection of broken shapes.

To activate the old rendering set User parameter:BaseApp/Preferences/Mod/Part/NormalsFromUVNodes to false

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