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0000329FreeCADFeaturepublic2011-09-16 22:48
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Summary0000329: OpenCollada interface
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surbanus said:
Regarding the ROBOTICS module in FreeCAD, It would be very interesting to implement the OpenCollada interface.
 OpenCollada becomes more and more interesting because of the AutomationML initiative for the dataexchange of automation information.

 Regards, SU

jriegel said:
 yet another exchange formate.......
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2011-05-17 08:09

administrator   ~0000828

Interesting but a lot of work. If someone have time, be welcome.


2011-05-17 09:59

administrator   ~0000831

Interesting but a lot of work. If someone have time, be welcome.


2011-05-23 12:35

administrator   ~0000860

I've looked deeper into collada. Pretty interesting but far from our data model.
Look here:

It comes down to import/export meshes. There is no data structure in collada which can handle BRep data. Lots of stuff about animation, kinematic, material and textures. Nothing we do so far in FreeCAD (besides may be Robot).

So I can see it in the Mesh module....


2011-05-24 17:54

viewer   ~0000861

Collada 1.5 released in 2008 has Brep.

You may want to look at the opencascade community edition for FreeCAD further developments.
The OpenCascade STEP translator is very old, and could use updating.


2011-05-25 03:36

administrator   ~0000862


Yorik did some experiments with pycollada in the arch module. But also
mesh only. I'm not sure if BRep will take of in that CGI and game development

With OCE I'm already in touch. I will use it most likely soon for the Windows
port. On the other platforms (especially debian based ones) we will talk
to the package maintainer if there is a switch to OCE possible. It took
a long time then to get OpenCasCADE into debian stable....


2011-05-27 13:14

administrator   ~0000864

To my knowledge collada .dae format is mainly (only?) used in the game industry and to/from sketchup and google 3d warehouse, which also only work with meshes.

The .dae import in the arch module works pretty well already and is able to import a wide range of files now, (from blender, sketchup, etc). I still need to enable export (supported in pycollada too). I'll take this RFE for me, then when it's done we can see what we do with it, if someone is interested in exploring the brep part further...


2011-09-16 22:48

administrator   ~0001097

This is now done in r4931. pycollada must be installed on the system, then collada (.dae) import and export becomes automatically available.

When importing meshes are created, and when exporting, only meshes are taken into account (convert your shapes first).

So far the imported/exported files I tested all open perfectly on both freecad and blender, but give some crashes on sketchup but i'm running it on wine and it crashes often for all kinds of reasons.

I suppose this is as far as it'll go for now (for release 12), feel free to reopen if issues arise.

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