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0003336PathFeaturepublic2021-04-28 15:18
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Summary0003336: Tool Data Struture, Library, and Editor overhaul
DescriptionTool Geometry is used in tool path calculation but also in simulation.

The current tool definition includes a number of properties like
cutting edge angle
cutting edge height

Only a couple properties are used at all and others are confusing, contradictory, or useless.

A new structure is needed that can cover many different types of tools including drills, endmills, lathe tools, shell cutters, fly cutters, and others.
Steps To ReproduceAn ideal solution will provide an extensible data structure that allows new kinds of tools to be added over time.

The data gathered should drive a parametric modeling of the tool representation for simulation and visualization.

Tool definitions and attributes should use industry standards whenever possible.
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2018-02-02 11:24

developer   ~0010913

Show Preview of tool shape


2018-05-02 19:57

reporter   ~0011222

I suggest that we try to implement this standard:
ISO 13399 (Cutting tool data representation and exchange)


2018-05-02 20:52

manager   ~0011224

ISO 13399 has come up before:

The problem has been getting a copy of the standard. It's one of those that is not freely available and expensive.

An ideal solution would be to implement iso 13399 as a standalone python library that could be used in FreeCAD but also other projects like linuxcnc


2018-05-02 21:20

reporter   ~0011225

Last edited: 2018-05-02 21:21

My university library has a copy of the standard. Also, to follow a post on the forum, I've been able to download some documents from Sandvik on the file structure associated with the standard. I probably won't be able to implement a python library myself, but I'd be willing to help.


2019-08-21 10:05

developer   ~0013439

Can I assign this to me?


2021-04-28 15:18

developer   ~0015645

Following the toolbit overhaul for 0.19 I believe this issue can now be closed.

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