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Summary0003609: TechDraw - Auxiliary View
DescriptionPer Wikipedia:

An auxiliary view is an orthographic view that is projected into any plane other than one of the six primary views. These views are typically used when an object contains some sort of inclined plane. Using the auxiliary view allows for that inclined plane (and any other significant features) to be projected in their true size and shape. The true size and shape of any feature in an engineering drawing can only be known when the Line of Sight (LOS) is perpendicular to the plane being referenced.


The auxiliary view has a "viewing plane indicator" (really no clue how it's called) which usually is a dotted line with arrows, similar to a section view. It may depend on drawing standards. The auxiliary view is usally linked and aligned to its parent view, although it may be possible to break the alignment if there is not enough space on the page besides the parent view.

A possible work flow would be to select a linear edge on a view then launch the auxiliary view tool. A FreeCAD file with TechDraw page is attached, with a pseudo auxiliary view made with the standard NewView tool. Attached svg was edited to manually add the plane indicator with view label.
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