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0000369FreeCADFeaturepublic2011-06-05 13:34
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Summary0000369: Useful extension of the show/hide functionality
DescriptionCurrently when you have an object selected, if you press spacebar it toggles between showing and hiding the object. A useful extension to this behaviour would be to have something like shift+spacebar work the same way, except instead of toggling between visible and invisible, you could make it toggle between Display='flat lines' and Display=Wireframe. This way you can either hide a part entirely, or hide just the faces so you can see how other parts fit inside it. This seems like a fairly easy thing to implement, and would be quite useful when modeling the inner bits of something that has to fit into a box of some sort.
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2011-06-04 13:24

administrator   ~0000883

It exists in the Draft module (right-click an object in tree or 3D view -> options) and in the Complete module (right-click an object in the tree -> draft options).
But it's a bit inconsistent... What could I do to make that better?
- Add as a "standalone" right-click option (not inside a "draft options")?
- Make a "display options" group where we would put all display-related options?


2011-06-05 13:32

administrator   ~0000884

Already implemented in Draft module. The default shortcut has been changed to Shift+Spacebar in 4549


2011-06-05 13:34

administrator   ~0000885

I changed the submenu name to "Display options", it exists now in both Draft and Complete workbenches, both in the tree and in the view context menus. That submenu contains a "Toggle display mode" tool which switches between Wireframe and Flat lines mode. Its default shortcut is Shift+Space.

I think this answers the feature request, so I'll close the report, right? Feel free to reopen if anything is missing.

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