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0000375FreeCADBugpublic2011-09-17 08:16
Reporterunauthenticated Assigned Towmayer  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.11 
Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000375: Mac Interface window style setting not saved
DescriptionOn the mac build the interface window style setting isn't saved between launches. Instead it reverts to the Aqua theme every time it's launched.
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2011-06-14 18:05

administrator   ~0000902

It happens for me too on linux (what I specify there is not saved). But I see this preference setting calls directly a Qt mechanism (the setting is saved in one of the Qt config files, not in freecad user.cfg) but that mechanism is appearently not used. But Qt has many styling problems when running without kde...

Anyway I wonder if this is a really useful setting to have? Shouldn't the user configure his Qt styling/theming outside freecad?


2011-06-15 14:28

administrator   ~0000904

In a previous version we stored this setting into the user.cfg file and loaded it at startup. However, there was a certain reason not to do that anymore. Unfortunately I cannot remember this reason.

But FreeCAD can be started with the parameter -style, e.g. FreeCAD -style=CDE

Maybe Yorik is right and we should remove this style stuff from the preferences.


2011-06-24 13:56

manager   ~0000908

I confirm this behavior on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS too.

I have many KDE packages installed since I use some KDE apps. I control their appearance with systemsettings GUI, but FreeCAD does not seem to be affected.

There is a GUI interface to configure the look and behavior of Qt apps, the package is qt4-qtconfig (Qt4 Configuration Tool) in Ubuntu. maybe it's available on MacOS X as well.

But truth is, Qt apps on my system adjust to my GNOME/Gtk preferences automatically, and it's just the way I like it.


2011-06-24 14:10

administrator   ~0000909

If I use KDE systemsettings, FreeCAD reacts correctly (pretty cool with qtCurve ;) . Once I remember I had to delete a kde config file in ~/.config that contained FreeCAD settings, that would prevent it from taking system-wide KDE preferences, but that was long time ago.

But Normand, on your ubuntu, freecad also follow the gtk theme, just like other qt apps, right?


2011-09-16 04:39

administrator   ~0001084

Im not quit sure on that, do we have a problem here?! Close it if you want....


2011-09-16 19:14

manager   ~0001095

Oops, I never answered Yorik's question. Yes, on both Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04, FreeCAD follows the GTK theme.


2011-09-16 19:44

administrator   ~0001096

Then it works like expected, IMHO. I would vote to remove the style setting from the preferences...


2011-09-17 08:16

administrator   ~0001112

Fixed in r4935. The window style combo box is now hidden.

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