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0003823FEMBugpublic2019-02-18 22:27
Reporteruwestoehr Assigned Towmayer  
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Product Version0.18 
Fixed in Version0.18 
Summary0003823: FEM, unusable material property changing when using task panel
Descriptionusing the option "use this task panel" it is very hard to change or enter values:

- add a material, then check the option "use this task panel"

For example in the density field you have "1250,00 kg/m^3". You want to change it to "1700,00 kg/m^3"

- therefore highlight in the field the numbers "25" and type in "70"

result: you get "170,00 kg/m^30" which is an illegal value.

Now assume you want to change the poisson ratio to "0,48"

- thus highlight the complete field for the poisson ratio and type in "0,48"

result: you get "0,000"

- now set the cursor in the poisson ratio field behind the comma and type in e.g. "48"

result: noting happens

The problem is that FC evaluates the input after every key press. This cannot work. It must allow the user to enter and edit numbers as he likes and first when the user clicked on the check mark in the field its content is evaluated. if there is a mistake the field should be highlighted red.
Additional InformationAs discussed here:

The feature to change material properties via the task panel should be removed.
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