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Summary0003893: Counterbore and countersink with top clearance
DescriptionAccording to this forum discussion it is sensible to extend thePartDesign hole feature:
- Countersink should have an additional (counterbore) depth at the top
- Countersink and Counterdepth should both provide the possibility for top clearance (reversed through all).

This image is linked from the forum discussion:
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2019-04-11 18:18

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Branch for test:


2019-04-13 12:26

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Additional features:

* Set the depth of the (useable) thread (Usually this can be made in combination with the hole depth, see below)
* Option: Set the depth of the bore without the angled point, i.e. set the useable bore depth instead of the total depth.

I know there are some rules for tapped blind holes how deep the core hole should be and how long the threaded part ist. But I can not find them right now...
I think it was like useable thread + 4 times the screw pitch or something like that.
The reason is that a normal tap has some non cutting threads in the beginning.
Other CAD packages:

The Counterbore + Countersink parts could be also available for tapped holes - in German this is called "Stufenbohrung"
Like this:
(Although the question is if this is really needed...)

Another useful feature would be to have two default counterbore settings: A shallow one (which is the current counterbore setting) and a deeper one, where the head of a ISO4672 screw is completly hidden.
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Rastergrafik.png (116,150 bytes)   


2022-03-03 13:55

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This ticket has been migrated to GitHub as issue 5894.

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