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0000401FreeCADBugpublic2011-09-17 12:50
Reporterwmayer Assigned Toyorik  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000401: Trimex doesn't work with arcs
DescriptionWhen trying to use the trimex utility with arcs you'll get this error message:

<type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Projects\FreeCAD\x64\Mod\Draft\", line 3219, in action
    dist = self.redraw(self.point,self.snapped,self.shift,self.alt)
  File "C:\Projects\FreeCAD\x64\Mod\Draft\", line 3321, in redraw
AttributeError: arcTracker instance has no attribute 'update'

Afterwards FreeCAD is in an unusable state, i.e. not other Draft command works anymore. You have to quit the application.
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2011-07-15 12:17

administrator   ~0000929

This is fixed in 4634. The Trimex tool doesn't produce errors anymore.
Funny how this stayed so long time unnoticed ;)

Now there are still some cases where it doesn't behave correctly (it inverts the arc sign, etc.) but that whole part is still from before the switch of the Draft objects to parametric ones, and will need to be fully recoded.

I'll keep this bug open until I fix that all...


2011-09-17 12:50

administrator   ~0001114

As far as I tested, this works fine now.

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