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0000418FreeCADBugpublic2011-08-19 12:06
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Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000418: Sketcher - When pading I get unclosed shape

This one is easy to reproduce

Place two arcs so that they have center at the same point - use coincidence on their center

Then place two lines so that the shape gets to be closed - use coincidence between lines and arcs

you can see the shape you get when you pad this

Additional Informationfreecad build 4725
win7 32bit
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2011-08-17 07:10


pad.png (Attachment missing)


2011-08-17 09:10

administrator   ~0000980

Using arcs leads to an error somewhere in the model. Calling the check() method of the resulting solid shows the error message that a few faces are unorientable.
But e.g. with fix(0.0001,0.0001,0.0001) the solid is repaired and shows the missing faces.


2011-08-17 13:02

reporter   ~0000983

I have tested other arcs, and the problem appears only if two arcs have coincidence constraint in centers.

other cases do not post this issue.



2011-08-19 07:12

viewer   ~0000987

Here is an example which also fails with two not-coincident arc centers:


2011-08-19 12:06

administrator   ~0000988

Fixed in r4771

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