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0000435FreeCADBugpublic2011-09-16 04:02
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Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000435: Sketcher: Auto constrains add one coincident constraint too many to a closed polyline
DescriptionIn Sketcher while creating a closed polyline with Auto constraints active, the last point that closes the polyline (where the first line segment and the last connect) gets two coincident constraints.

Steps to reproduce: in the Sketcher,

1 - Start a new Sketch
2 - Select the polyline tool
3 - Create a closed polygon
4 - In TaskView, set the Constraint filter to "All"

There is one more coincident constraint than there are vertexes.

Deselecting the auto constraints prior to closing the polyline creates the right number of coincident constraints.

This duplicated constraint causes the Fillet tool to not be able to click on the vertex that closed the polygon, the cursor with Fillet icon is replaced with a "forbidden" icon (white circle with a diagonal line in it). Deleting the duplicated constraint works around the problem (or selecting the lines segments instead does too)
Additional InformationFreeCAD v0.12-bzr4552 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-Bit
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2011-09-11 20:09

manager   ~0001062

It looks like logari81 fixed this a few hours before I posted the bug.



2011-09-12 07:55

developer   ~0001063

yes I fixed that but I think that I have introduced another bug. Now we have no autoconstraints at all in the last line segment, not even horizontal or vertical.

I will correct it later.


2011-09-12 20:16

developer   ~0001064

now it should be fixed correctly.


2011-09-16 04:02

administrator   ~0001075

fixed 4918

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