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0004395FEMFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:23
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Summary0004395: Homogenise/update selection dialogues in FEM
DescriptionSelection dialogues in FEM for e.g. boundary conditions like "ConstraintFixed" and e.g. "ConstraintElectrostaticPotential" have different features like highlighting of the selected element in the "Select Faces -> Add-> Remove" task panel.
This is probably due to the fact that some of them like the fixed-constraint are programmed in c++ while the others are used in python?

The attached screenshots do show that e.g. for the constraint ElectrostaticPotential no face is highlighted when there is an entry selected in the task panel.

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Steps To ReproduceCreate a solid cube in Part-wb
Create a analysis in FEM-wb
Add a Model->Mechanical constraints->Fixed constraints and enter it by doubleclicking it in the combo-view/tree-view
Select a face and 'Add' the face into the list of elements in the "FEM constraint parameters" dialogue
Click somewhere else to de-select the face and than click the element in the "FEM constraint parameters" list -> the selected face gets highlighted again!
Tagsboundary conditions, FEM, highlighting, selection
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