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0004502FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:49
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Summary0004502: Automate Link and ShapeBinder
DescriptionSee Automate Link and ShapeBinder
Today one must first create a link-holder/container based on what you want to fill it with AND use it for, then fill it with the targeted object/feature. I say the user should not be bothered with the internals of linking. She/he should only need to decide whether to create a link or not.

As seen in the forum thread I suggest it to be done as follows:

Copy/ctrl+c then paste/ctrl+v(= Link or No link or Result or As is or ... etc [user sets a default for this]) or right click and choose other paste options.
If the user wants a link, then chose that type of pasting.
If the user wants a plain copy without link, then chose that type of pasting.
... and so on and so forth.
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