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0000467FreeCADBugpublic2012-04-12 11:48
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Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000467: blankes needed in some strings (crowdin)
DescriptionThe color of fully constrained geometry in editmode
The color of construction geometry in editmode
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2011-11-04 20:54

administrator   ~0001239

Im not quite sure whats that mean?

We have still not translated strings. Or do you mean you miss a specific
string you want translate? And if yes, please be more specific....


2011-11-05 19:55

viewer   ~0001256

These two strings were taken from crowdin. If I get it right the English version is the original from the FreeCAD. In both strings the words 'editmode' should be written as 'edit mode', i.e with a blank between them. It has nothing to do with translation. Crowdin is just the place where I have spotted these. I hope it's clear now, sorry for confusion.


2011-11-06 16:31

reporter   ~0001262

The last comment was my. And 'blank' = 'space'...


2012-04-12 11:48

administrator   ~0001931

git show c44676c1e70c19cb5bd408b89ee62dedc93484dd

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