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0000489FreeCADFeaturepublic2011-12-10 13:43
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Product Version0.11 
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Summary0000489: python console: "RFC"s for even more "rapid" prototyping :-)
DescriptionHi everybody,

FreeCAD is really nice for rapid prototyping geometric algorithms in python.
However, in FreeCAD (0.11 ... HEAD@5152), I find the behaviour of the python console quite a bit "unnatural" compared to others (e.g. the native python console, got by calling python at the command shell).

* free cursor movement throughout the whole console is confusing
* previous input lines including the prompt of the current input line can be changed. This leads easily to syntax errors, e.g. hitting backspace too often might lead to a malformed prompt.
* it's not possible to dismiss the current input line but to delete it via backspace. Well, I find myself using this quite often on the linux console ...
* accessing the history by Ctrl+Up/Down might be a matter of taste, but for frequent use, I find it too complicated. I'd skip the Ctrl-modifier.
* history backward search via considering the current input could really speed up things. e.g. entering "for" + pressing Up, searches the latest history item starting with "for", like "for d in sys.path:".
* for calling methods the CallTips are a great feature, but it does not add the needed parentheses. For typing the argument list, it might be handy to place the cursor between those.

I played a bit with the source and found some solutions I'd like share as a "RFC" :-).
There are two independent patches for the points above:
* pyconsole_rfc_keyMap+history.patch - changing the key mapping and adding backward history search
* pyconsole_rfc_callCompletion.patch - adds a first approach for a little help on calling methods

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2011-11-21 14:49 (Attachment missing)


2011-11-21 18:20

administrator   ~0001341

Thanks but will be accepted for version 0.13 as discussed on the forum.


2011-12-10 13:43

administrator   ~0001446

Added in rev 5253. Works great, thank you!

(I have put the content of Temporary.hpp to CallTips.cpp)

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