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0000507FreeCADFeaturepublic2011-12-12 13:27
Reportertilas Assigned Towmayer  
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Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000507: Part/Part Design: allow edge preselection for chamfer/fillet
DescriptionTo make a fillet/chamfer, one needs now to check the checkbox in the list of edges. However without simultaneous edge highlighting - it's difficult to know the edge number (one needs to select the edge and check its ID in the python console).

It might be more convenient if
1. if the user selects an edge(s) prior to hitting the chamfer/fillet icon - only the selected edges will be listed (or pre-checked).
2. when a checkbox is checked - the corresponding edge gets highlighted.

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2011-12-05 12:26

administrator   ~0001390

To 1.) OK we can do it this way, too. But it is already possible to select the edges in the 3d after the fillet/chamfer dialog is open. It automatically selects the right check-box and make it also visible.

T0 2.) This seems to be broken, In former version it only highlighted the edge and not the complete model. I guess this has to do with the new selection node class.


2011-12-09 21:29

reporter   ~0001431

The dialog for filleting in Part Design seems to be broken.After I select some edges on a cube and then press the Fillet icon, the only part of the dialog that comes up is for radius. There is no info on edges available. If I press OK, 'Failed to create fillet' appears in the Report View and there is no object created.
I am using R5246 on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit.

2011-12-09 21:29


missing dialog.png (Attachment missing)


2011-12-09 21:31

reporter   ~0001432

by the way, chamfering does work


2011-12-10 20:16

administrator   ~0001457

@Dan, yes I can confirm this.
@tilas, 2) of your request works again


2011-12-12 13:27

administrator   ~0001470

Done in rev 5275

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