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0000508FreeCADBugpublic2011-12-05 14:42
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Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000508: Part: Parameterized Primitive: Plane - new planes with normals x or y are placed wrong
DescriptionThe new plane definition requires the normal direction, coordinates of the origin and length width dimensions.
The coordinates accept both positive and negative values whereas the L&W only positive. IMHO, it is expected that the L&W grow in the corresponding positive directions.
plane with normal "z", Origin at (-5,-5,0) and W=10, L=10 is placed at
-5<x<5, -5<y<5, z=0. This is expected and what is actually happening now. It follows that a plane with normal 'x', Origin at (0,-5,-5) and W=10,L=10 should be placed at x=0, -5<y<5, -5<z<5. However it is currently placed at
x=0, -5<y<5, -15<z<-5, which is quite an unexpected location. The same happens with a new plane with normal 'y' - it gets placed at
-5<x<5, y=0, -15<z<-5...

The problem seems to be an incorrect rotation of the base plane. To see this, leave the origin at (0,0,0) and make the L&W not equal, say L=10, W=20 and create the three planes.
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2011-12-05 13:41

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It appeared to be a matter of the internally calculated placement, especially its rotation part. The point is mathematically there is not a unique rotation that describes a rotation from (0,0,1) to (1,0,0). The most obvious way is to rotate around the y-axis by 90 deg. But obviously this leads to this "misbehaviour" of the plane.

The correct way is to do it exactly the same way as with the sketcher drawing plane. So, in this case it's the rotation around (1,1,1) by 120 deg.


2011-12-05 14:42

administrator   ~0001397

Fixed in 5221

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