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0000531FreeCADBugpublic2011-12-13 17:02
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Product Version0.11 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000531: Python API: Mirroring rotated parts produces undesired results
DescriptionAfter a part has been .rotate()'d if you attempt to .mirror() it then the result will not be as expected. Instead of mirroring the rotated part, it will find the target location for mirroring the unrotated part around the stated mirror plane, then apply the rotation to the target location, then put the still-unrotated part at that location.
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How to reproduce:

from FreeCAD import Base

box = Part.makeBox(10,20,1)
box2 = box.mirror(Base.Vector(0,0,10),Base.Vector(0,0,-1))

box2 = box.mirror(Base.Vector(0,0,10),Base.Vector(0,0,-1))

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2011-12-10 12:33


bug.png (Attachment missing)


2011-12-10 13:42

developer   ~0001445

I think this is relevant to the inconsistencies with the placement property that I am working on now, so I assign it to myself.


2011-12-10 14:38

administrator   ~0001449

The problem might be in TopoShape::mirror(). I guess instead of
mat = placement * mat;
it should be
mat = mat * placement;

This looks better but still not correct. This however can also be a bug in OCC. for more details:


2011-12-13 14:56

administrator   ~0001477

Obviously there is also a bug in gp_Trsf::SetMirror() because the determinant of the matrix is +1 but it should be -1.


2011-12-13 17:00

administrator   ~0001478

No, gp_Trsf::SetMirror() is OK because the sign of the determinant is handled by another attribute. So, the solution is remove this line completely:
mat = placement * mat;


2011-12-13 17:02

administrator   ~0001479

Fixed in rev 5296

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