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0000532FreeCADBugpublic2011-12-10 21:11
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Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000532: fillet command in Part Design shows only partial dialog
DescriptionThe fillet command used to work in Part Design. Now only a partial dialog shows when using it - it only shows the 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons and the label- 'Radius' and a textedit box for radius. The rest of the edge selection stuff is gone.
In Report View, this message is displayed 'Failed to create fillet' even before one has a chance to press the 'OK' button.
The Part Design fillet command was superior to the Part workbench version, because it had a parameter for going back and editing the fillet radius even after pressing the 'OK' button.
I am using r5253 on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit
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2011-12-10 14:05


missing dialog.png (Attachment missing)


2011-12-10 17:46

administrator   ~0001454

Not an error. There are two implementations of a fillet dialog. The one you're talking about is still in the Part module. This one is from PartDesign and you really have only the radius input field.

This means the workflow is also different. For the Part module version there are no prerequisites but for the latter one you must already have the edges selected you want to fillet.


2011-12-10 17:50

reporter   ~0001455

Does it actually work on your system? If I preselect edges on a cube and then click on fillet in Part Design, the cube disappears and I get 'Failed to create fillet' in the Report View panel, before I can even press 'OK'.


2011-12-10 21:03

administrator   ~0001460

Yes, I have tested this and got the same behaviour as you. Not sure what happened but a few days before it worked. In the 0.12 RC it works. Using the fillet from Part workbench works, too.


2011-12-10 21:11

administrator   ~0001461

My fault. I had committed a broken fix yesterday. It should work again now.
Done in rev 5264

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