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0000551FreeCADBugpublic2012-03-01 08:48
Reporternazrinasirrmn Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.11 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000551: Problem on Python Manual in the Help Menu.
DescriptionDear Sir;

I would like to let you know that the Python Manual on the help menu couldn't be opened.

It is also happen on FreeCad 0.12 as well, since 0.12 is the latest.
Additional InformationMy operating system is Windows Vista, Ram 4 GB.
Hard Disk= 500GB.

System is ok, windows uptodate.
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duplicate of 0000502 closed Help -> "Python Manuals" displays missing file dialog(windows) / does nothing(ubuntu) 


2011-12-21 13:09


PythonManualOnFreeCadProblem.xlsx (Attachment missing)


2012-01-01 17:57

reporter   ~0001533

This is marked a duplicate of 0000501, but it's really a duplicate of 0000502, which is closed, resolved in latest revision.


2012-01-01 19:07

reporter   ~0001534


Note 0001533, I know it is duplicate but is not resolve yet and the operating system is windows vista.
I test the sofware and make the report, not just read.(Why should I read? I run the latest software and found bugs)

Downloading version Freecad 0.12 rev 5284.



2012-01-02 13:21

administrator   ~0001536

The error description isn't very clear. I thought it's the same as issue 0000501 but it can also be interpreted as 0000502. Anyway it's either the one or the other and thus is definitely a duplicate.


2012-03-01 08:48

administrator   ~0001693

Duplicate of 0000502 which is fixed. So, this is fixed, too!

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