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0000060FreeCADBugpublic2010-04-07 08:29
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Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version0.9 
Summary0000060: Open document dialog does not filter files correctly

If I want to open fcstd document I saved last time Open Document dialog does not display them. I would expect that I will see this file when Supported formats or FreeCAD document is selected in file filter. But it is not.

Only way how to show this kind of file is to choose All files.

Please correct me if I am doing something wrong.

Best regards
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2009-12-15 09:33

administrator   ~0000070

On Windows I see the FreeCAD project files.

I guess you use some flawor of Linux.
We need more information to confirm the bug!


2009-12-15 09:53

viewer   ~0000071


yes, I am using Ubuntu 9.10.

What kind of confirmation do you need?
Is screenshot enough?

Please let me know how to get more info to resolve this problem.

Best regards


2009-12-15 16:17

administrator   ~0000072

I mean to check my self ;)
Not I disbelieving you, but only an error we can reproduce some
how we can track down and fix!
Ubuntu I can check!



2009-12-15 20:21

administrator   ~0000073

This is actually a bug in Qt because the file filters are case-sensitive and seems to be fixed in version 4.5.3 -- I have tested it on Debian testing and there it works.


2010-02-07 13:53

administrator   ~0000167

I tested on debian testing and ubuntu 9.10, indeed on debian it works, and on ubuntu not. And indeed debian uses qt 4.5.3 and ubuntu9.10 uses qt 4.5.2...


2010-02-07 16:34

administrator   ~0000169

If there is no work around ( I cant think of one ) I would close the
bug and wait till Ubuntu 10.4 with a newer QT Version ....


2010-04-07 08:29

administrator   ~0000192

This is clearly a Qt bug. So, let's wait for a newer Qt version (>= 4.5.3).

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