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0000638FreeCADBugpublic2013-05-17 09:33
Reporterwjl Assigned ToJriegel 
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Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0000638: Copy and Paste of a boolean operation moves children to new object
DescriptionFound in Debian package version 0.12.5284-dfsg-4.

When copying and pasting a boolean operation, all of the children of the copied object are moved and reparented under the newly created object. This is highly annoying, especially when copying a boolean operation object down in a nested tree of operations.
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2012-03-15 13:10

developer   ~0001777

If multiple objects claim a child, the last one wins. As a workaround, you can make a parent 'win' once by entering and leavin the 'transform' mode (in the context menu in the tree view)


2012-03-22 23:24

manager   ~0001806

If you don't need for your copy to be linked to the original, you can create a non-parapetric copy by going to "Part --> Create simple copy" menu.

In any case, this is not a bug IMHO, but a design choice.


2012-03-23 22:33

reporter   ~0001809

I found the same thing happens when copying a pad, extrusion and cut. (maybe more, but those are ones I tested) The child entity becomes the child of the parent created by the copy. The original parent then has no child.

If the parent is expanded in the project browser and both the parent and the child may be manually selected for copy, the copy will create a new parent and a new child.

The behavior is identical with my "recent git" running on Ububtu 10.04 and Fedora 16

To my way of thinking, this behavior is counter intuitive. When an entity is selected for copy, one expects that by default the children would be selected recursively.

On the other hand, it is useful when deleting a pad/boolean/etc to not delete the children by default. Perhaps a useful and easy to implement design would be to only select visible child nodes for actions such as copy/paste/delete.

This way the user sees the selection take place as the parent is selected. If the user wants the child nodes selected, he can expand the item. Of course items may be selected/de-selected by ctrl-LMB.


2012-12-20 22:01

administrator   ~0002726

The copy mechanism is indeed a problem if there is a deep linkage.
that have to be verified for all kind of objects..


2013-05-17 09:31

administrator   ~0003169

Copy&Paste makes a deep copy now and thus solves this issue.

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