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0000722FreeCADBugpublic2012-06-05 17:33
Reporterjmaustpc Assigned Toyorik  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform32bitOSKubuntu also reported UbuntuOS Version12.04 - 10.04
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000722: creating then deleting a Draft dimention crashes or locks up FreeCAD
DescriptionFrom the forum

with the example file, delete the dimension, then replace it, then delete the replacement, do this a few times and FreeCAD with lock up or crash.
Steps To ReproduceMy first attempt I started FreeCAD, opened the file aguseguedre posted. Deleted his dimension, no problems, went to Part WB inserted a cube, hide the cube, back to Draft WB add the dimension again in the same place as the original was, then deleted that new dimension,.....FreeCAD crashed.

Second attempt, this time I started FreeCAD from the command line to get the output. Open the file, go to draft wb, delete the dimension, recreated the dimension, in the same location as the original, deleted that 2nd dimension, still no problems, but then I created another dimension (if it makes any difference, this third dimension was on the opposite side of the line from the original), now when I deleted the this third dimension FreeCAD locked up.
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2012-05-24 23:24


Line before hang.fcstd (Attachment missing)


2012-06-05 17:33

administrator   ~0002135

Fixed in 19e747d

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