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0000723FreeCADBugpublic2012-05-27 19:10
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Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000723: improper handling of qt specific comand line arguments
DescriptionFreeCAD does not skip command line arguments that are handled by qt.
$ FreeCAD -style motif
File format not supported: motif
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2012-05-27 15:48

administrator   ~0002085

If you write FreeCAD -style=motif then the above warning won't arise. The problem is that the boost program options library doesn't support to omit the '=' for the long version of an option. So, what it supports is for example this:
FreeCAD --user-cfg=Path_to_cfg_file or
FreeCAD -u Path_to_cfg_file but not
FreeCAD --user-cfg Path_to_cfg_file

In the last case it always handles the Path_to_cfg_file argument as a so called positional argument and in FreeCAD the positional argument is the hidden option "input-file".

So, after all I think the only workaround is to replace strings like "-style " with "-style=". Then the boost library should work as expected.


2012-05-27 17:08

developer   ~0002086

Last edited: 2012-05-27 17:10

I thought that qt offers a method to handle the command line options, that takes care of the options not designated for the main program logic.
(QStringList QCoreApplication::arguments())


2012-05-27 19:09

administrator   ~0002088

But that's not a Qt issue. In FreeCAD App we already parse the command line parameters and because of "-style Windows" boost assumes that "style" has no parameters and thus handles "Windows" as filename.

And all this is done before creating the QApplication instance. In the meantime I have found a nice working solution.


2012-05-27 19:10

administrator   ~0002089

git show ffb5cba

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