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0000733FreeCADFeaturepublic2012-06-08 16:56
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Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000733: Up to first/last/face, two-sided dimension options for Pad Feature
DescriptionThis will add the following options to the Pad feature:
1. Extrude up to the first face found
2. Extrude up to the last face found
3. Extrude up to an arbitrary face the user chooses
4. Enter a second dimension to extrude in the other direction
Additional InformationSee

branch jrheinlaender/PartDesign

There is also a demo part in there
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2012-06-08 07:13

administrator   ~0002153

I have checked out your branch but it doesn't work for me. In your code I have found lines like Type.getValueAsString() == "TwoLengths". Note, the return value of getValueAsString() is a const char* not std::string and thus you mustn't use the == operator.

The easiest is to
std::string padType = Type.getValueAsString();
padType == "TwoLengths"

I'll fix it on my local branch from your branch and merge everything into master later.

2012-06-08 09:14


partdesign.patch (Attachment missing)


2012-06-08 09:18

administrator   ~0002154

Attached as a patch which fixes build errors on Windows and fixes the above issues.

I tried to rebase your branch to my master but I completely failed. I got dozens of merge conflicts and when trying to fix them git still complained about some of them. So, I gave up!


2012-06-08 11:04

developer   ~0002155

Yes, I had the same problems with the rebase, see

I think I will just delete everything and start over again with git...


2012-06-08 16:56

administrator   ~0002158

This part is included now.

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