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0000762FreeCADBugpublic2012-07-06 06:18
Reportershoogen Assigned Towmayer  
PriorityurgentSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000762: cPickle allows to trigger arbitrary code execution from FCStd file
DescriptioncPickle is not meant to handle untrusted input and will undermine the current security model for python code. (which is that code should not be embedable in FCStd files).
Additional InformationThe Problems are described in
Additional malcious code could be hidden inside the zip structure and accessed using the python zipfile module.
1. a safe serialisation method should be implemented.
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2012-06-26 15:38


pickletest-win.FCStd (Attachment missing)


2012-06-27 08:13

administrator   ~0002242

Unfortunately, json doesn't support custom python types and yaml is not part of the python libraries.


2012-06-27 09:10

administrator   ~0002243

yaml works but again this has the method "load" which is also considered insecure. Its secure counterpart "safe_load" doesn't work either because it cannot restore custom python objects.

All what we actually wanted to do with pickling is to store the module name, the class name and create an instance when loading the project. So, I fear we have to do this on our own.


2012-07-01 16:46

developer   ~0002254

2. There should be some backward combatibility.
2a. A whitelist could allow to recognize Draft Features.
2b. pickletools.dis() could allow an advanced user to decide wheter the input is sane.


2012-07-02 10:07

administrator   ~0002256

> 2a. A whitelist could allow to recognize Draft Features.
A whitelist doesn't make sense because it stops all 3rd party module writers to reload their objects. And also you have to matintain this whitelist so you have to extend all the time.

> 2b. pickletools.dis() could allow an advanced user to decide wheter the input is sane.
The output of the pickletools is not very helful. And it shouldn't be up to the user to decide if he wants to run the code or not.

The only proper solution is to not run any code at all. Therefore we can write the module name and the class name directly to the XML and use json for serializing.
At project load we get the module and class name again from XML, load the module and create an instance and use json to deserialize it.

> 2. There should be some backward combatibility.
But this is not possible, then.


2012-07-02 11:33

administrator   ~0002258

git show 7032f5f329f17aaf599cb0b8d5225c2a8bc80eec implements a way using json.


2012-07-02 12:34

developer   ~0002259

Last edited: 2012-07-02 12:37

Hi Werner,
at first I'd like to thank you for all time and effort you put to my request and answering my questions. I do this rarely on the tracker because i don't wan't to reopen tickes just by saying 'thank you'.

just skip the next part:
Maybe my last proposal was a bit unclear. I don't want to preeserve the functionality of the Pickel module. But I think that chaging the file format is a big deal.
Most people who created custom python feature will probably be able two work around this by themself. But I imagine, that there might be users, who rely on opening old Documents with Draft Features. I don't if there are any. And therefore it might be a waste of time to include a backward compatibility function in FreeCAD. On the other hand we shouldn't scare off users.
Maybe we can offer to convert files manualy or offer to create a conversion utility was soon as anyone requests it.
Assuming that all information (beside the Type Attribute) of Draft objects is stored in FreeCAD Properties, a regular expression to find out the Class name and 'Type' form the 'pickle' string can be quite easy.

I've thougth about moving the 0.12 (pickle) to 0.13 (json) converter to some python code that would be run (manualy) after the document is loaded. But the problem then is that the pickle strings (base64) are not available (without parsing the Document.xml again.

As i understand the current implentation there is no clause in line 280 for the case that is either 'module' or 'class' attribute are not present. And therefore the would not be any error message for files created with earlier versions of FreeCAD???
Maybe the you can output the name of the Feature and the base64 encodes string in the error message. As this will help to judge how much effort needs to be takes to restore the Object.


2012-07-03 07:05

developer   ~0002261

Last edited: 2012-07-03 07:12

I haven't compiled it but it could look like this:
diff --git a/src/App/PropertyPythonObject.cpp b/src/App/PropertyPythonObject.cpp
index b461075..4a07c6d 100644
--- a/src/App/PropertyPythonObject.cpp
+++ b/src/App/PropertyPythonObject.cpp
@@ -278,6 +278,9 @@ void PropertyPythonObject::Restore(Base::XMLReader &reader)
                 Py::Module mod(PyImport_ImportModule(reader.getAttribute("module")),true);
                 this->object = PyInstance_NewRaw(mod.getAttr(reader.getAttribute("class")).ptr(), 0);
+ else {
+ Base::Console().Warning("PropertyPythonObject::Restore: unsupported serialisation: %s\n", buffer);
+ }
         catch (Py::Exception&) {
             Base::PyException e; // extract the Python error text

although the Feature name is not yet included in the message.
Maybe we should move this discussion to a seperate ticked or the forum as this i not a security issue)


2012-07-03 07:28

administrator   ~0002263

> Assuming that all information (beside the Type Attribute) of Draft objects is stored in FreeCAD Properties, a regular expression to find out the Class name and 'Type' form the 'pickle' string can be quite easy.
Yes, this is probably the easist solution. It might be not 100% perfect but should at least create a valid proxy object.

> although the Feature name is not yet included in the message.
A proxy object is not only used in a DocumentObject but also in a ViewProvider or can be used in any other object derived from PropertyContainer.


2012-07-03 10:34

administrator   ~0002266

git show f8c299c implements a lightweight method to restore the object and to load strings from serialized cPickle output


2012-07-06 06:18

administrator   ~0002280

I think this can be considered as solved.

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