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0000764FreeCADFeaturepublic2012-06-28 14:31
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Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000764: Serialize Shape to python String
Descriptioncreate an interface that allows to serialize Shapes to python string and deserialize form them.
Additional InformationThis would enable to store Shapes that are not bound an Feature Property and allow to exchange shpaes via IPC/network in python.
This might be as well a suitable debugging tool. As it allows to extract intermediate shapes in a complicated script, without the need to write to temporary files.
Proposed Implementation:
use a stringstream on the following functions:
static void BRepTools::Write (const TopoDS_Shape &Sh, Standard_OStream &S)
static void BRepTools::Read (TopoDS_Shape &Sh, Standard_IStream &S, const BRep_Builder &B)
There are problems with these functions at least up to 6.3
An emulation of this functionality (with temporary files) is not worth implementing as this path, is yet possible from python.
If this the above mentioned problem affects FreeCAD this Feature should not be implemented until a OCCT gets fixed.
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parent of 0000572 closedwmayer add a method to Part module to read BRep data from string 



2012-06-28 08:15

administrator   ~0002244

This crash has nothing to do with OCC. Crashes with streams always happens if the libraries were linked to another runtime. So, if you e.g. have OCC linked to MSVC 8 but FreeCAD is built with MSVC 9 you cannot use an API function of OCC that offers a stream.

And this is not a pure Windows issue, it also happens under Linux with the gcc compiler.


2012-06-28 09:13

developer   ~0002245

Are the build dependencies for ALL platforms strict enought to prevent this. Or is there a way to detect this and enable the workaround only if needed (at compile time). Or detect it before crashing at link time or dynamic load time?


2012-06-28 14:30

administrator   ~0002246



2012-06-28 14:31

administrator   ~0002247

git show 013b5f0

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