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0000802FreeCADBugpublic2012-08-01 19:51
Reporterpperisin Assigned Toyorik  
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Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000802: Draft scale - some problems and some suggestions

When I use Draft scale on a body that has one color per face (body with multiple colors), during "scale action", when scale values are choosen in the interface using mouse, I still see all the faces colors. But when I click final mouse click, that creates scaled object - it is single colored. Worst part is, After object is created this way, I do not have ability to color it any more.

Also, it might be worth considering how does scale work in Sketchup:

This is IMO much more user frendly.

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2012-07-21 20:17

administrator   ~0002296

Okay I can correct the color problem, but as for the sketchup scale, that means creating a complete new tool, and should be the matter of a specific feature request. There is some discussion about a scale feature on the forum too.


2012-07-22 12:34

reporter   ~0002298

OK, so here is the thing - I just found out that draft clone does the same thing and allows me to scale. Really nice. So I do not really need sketchup-based scale. I could work with clone.

So what you could do is simply modify single color per face issue in this two tools (scale and clone) and close this request.

Also, I can not find the thread where this is discussed, so can you please post link to it here?



2012-07-22 14:02

administrator   ~0002299

This makes me think I could make the scale tool produce a Draft clone. Would be handy, and the original shape would be kept instead of lost...
Okay I'll do that and fix the color thing.


2012-07-22 21:00

administrator   ~0002301

Fixed in 6251510


2012-07-23 07:25

reporter   ~0002302

Last edited: 2012-07-23 09:54

Hi Yorik.

Just a small note - this is not totally fixed - using draft clone still does not copy colors. However, draft scale works properly, and this is fixed in it.



2012-08-01 19:51

administrator   ~0002306

Fixed again in 88ea348

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